●Rie Mabuchi



※ 現在は、陶土も使って制作しています。個々の作品イメージに合う土を用いてチャレンジしていきたいと思っています。(2022年、記)


I get inspiration from nature of Hokkaido, and I create my works.  Hokkaido is the land where I was born and raised.

Fresh green of the trees, the wide blue sky, seasonal flowers, soft and pure white snow...   Porcelain is not clay of Hokkaido( I use porcelain of south Japan), but nature of Hokkaido nurtured my sensibility, I feel that is like one of the materials.

Sapporo taught me the joy of creation. Strasbourg France taught me the importance of originality and free idea. Kanazawa taught me the possibility of ceramics art and drawing brush.  Furano made me re-discover the Hokkaido charm through agriculture. Each location and people has led to today's  my creation work.

And Handmade works will brighten the daily life. I hope that handmade works gives everyone a little happiness. I believe so it, and I continue to make.....